Notable Cases

The Yankee Pride Matter - Edmond O'Brien
Johnny heads out to Singapore to investigate a marine policy on a ship that is delayed because of mechanical problems or sabotage. The ship contains tin bound for a munitions plant. If the ship doesn't leave in time, the insurance company starts to lose 2% a week on $300,000.

When he gets to Singapore he walks into a huge problem, a murder. One of the insurance company's adjustors was murdered while investigating the problem on the Yankee Pride. Johnny's investigation takes him from the ship to the native section to visit the adjustor's brother.

Of course there is a woman involved, possibly the murdered adjustor's girlfriend. Just after finding out about the girl from the brother, the brother is murdered just as Johnny leaves to go find the girl. Apparently the girl is not the girlfriend but something else.

While talking with the girl, an Aussie shows up and bangs Johnny on the head, knocking him out. The bad guys take Johnny to see the head honcho who plans to take the cargo to Mexico instead of to the munitions plant on the west coast. Johnny noticed the man's name on an envelope, a Major Ralph Dixon. Dixon claims that he has bribed everyone involved and is holding the ship in port for some reason. Johnny thinks the Major is crazy.

After visiting the girl again, he finds out that the Major is waiting for a $100 million gold shipment. Johnny also finds out that the insurance company's man in Singapore is also on the take.

There is more excitement but you have to listen to find out how it ends.

The Valentine Matter - Bob Bailey

Johnny Dollar heads to New Orleans to investigate the theft of some cash, a diamond necklace, the hotel manager's a station wagon and the manager's wife, all by a bellhop. The insurance company wanted the diamond necklace.

When Johnny gets to New Orleans, he finds out that the police have wrapped up the case and found everything and every one involved. After making a reservation back to Hartford, he heads out into New Orleans to find some entertainment. In a bar, Johnny meets Mr. Dan Valentine, a former rum-runner who just got out of prison. Johnny takes Mr. Valentine to dinner hoping to talk more about the those times during prohibition but Mr. Valentine couldn't bring himself to ask because the man seemed sad.

Just before leaving New Orleans, Johnny is summoned to the police station to ask about Mr. Valentine. Unbeknownst to Mr. Valentine, the police know who he is and keep him under surveillance. During the conversation, the investigator gets a call that Mr. Valentine has been shot. But why? Fortunately, one of Johnny's insurance clients has a policy on Mr. Valentine and Johnny can investigate.

Listen as Johnny works to find out why some bad guys are after his friend Mr. Valentine.

Philadelphia Miss Matter - Mandel Kramer

Johnny heads to the sunny south to investigate a top secret matter. In Meridian, Mississippi, Johnny heads to the insurance company to meet with the branch administrator hoping to get more information and meets, of all people, a cabbie he hired a few years earlier while investigating a case in New York City, Bernie.

The insurance company's client, Dr. Melcher of Melcher Laboratories, specifically wanted Johnny Dollar to investigate the top secret matter but would provide no other details to the insurance company. After speaking with the administrator, he finds out that Dr. Melcher was called away but would be arriving late the same day. The doctor's secretary, a woman from Philadelphia by the name of Mona Little Wolf, offered to meet with Johnny.

When Johnny met Miss Little Wolf, he was knocked over saying that the trip to Meridian was worth the trip just to get a look at her. Since the doctor wasn't due back from a last minute meeting in Washington, D.C., Miss Little Wolf and Johnny go out on the town. After their date, Miss Little Wolf was kidnapped and Johnny was beaten up in her defense.

Bernie finds Johnny and takes him to his hotel. Johnny enlists Bernie's help to figure out why Miss Little Wolf was kidnapped and why Dr. Melcher needs his help. Does Johnny get the girl and solve the case? You're just going to have to listen to find out.


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