Johnny Dollar was every insurance executive's dream, an investigator who found the bad guy, or girl, and kept the insurance company from paying out a bunch of money on a bogus claim. People offered him a cut of the money and women offered him even more but Johnny couldn't be persuaded to throw away his integrity for a bribe.

The only recurring character on the show, Johnny Dollar did not have a regular supporting cast. There were, however, a large number of characters who moved through the episodes. One character did appeared several times, Pat McCracken of the Universal Adjustment Bureau, the man who gave Johnny his assignments.

Johnny traveled the world for his job. As part of his job, he sometimes masqueraded in several other jobs such as working on a tramp steamer, pig bodyguard, tunnel builder, and expedition leader. He was often caught in dangerous situations sometimes earning a bump on the head, getting tied up and tossed in a room somewhere, or almost getting drowned.

There was usually at least one woman who tried to turn his head or put a bump on it. He was a gentleman but he didn't let his chivalry get in the way of doing what needed to be done. It is true, though, that his head could be turned by a pretty face. There were more than a couple of those flings that ended up on the expense reports over the run of the show.

Each show ended with Johnny totaling the expense report with an added remark, usually sarcastic, sometimes funny. In one memorable episode, he added ten cents to his expense report...for aspirin.

Insurance investigators are, basically, private detectives. They work with other insurance adjustors and claims examiners when an insurance claim is suspected to be fraudulent. In real life, investigators must be able to analyze information as well as interview people to get the information they need.

An investigator's job isn't nearly as adventurous as Johnny's. In real life, it means gathering information, trying to get people to talk when there is nothing in it for them, and analyzing the information. There are no dames with guns and definitely no weekend   flings on the expense report.


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